Thursday, January 10, 2019

Six Reasons illegals are different than legal immigrants

We’re a nation of immigrants. Progressives repeat this platitude ad nauseam. It's true, of course, but for the most part we’re a nation of legal immigrants. (For our first hundred years, all immigrants were legal because there were no laws restricting immigration.) 

They purposely conflate legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. But there’s a big difference between the two. Differences they want us to ignore.

1. Legal Immigrants respect our country.
Legal immigrants fled oppression or came here for the American dream. They went through an arduous process to come to America because they wanted to become Americans. They admired our principles and way of life. Illegal immigrants threw aside our laws of entry and sneaked in knowing they couldn't earn money without committing a felony by using forged documents.
2. Legal immigrants build a life for themselves and their family
Legal immigrants are generally educated, family oriented, and many build businesses. They save, earn their keep, and shun welfare. Illegal immigrants are generally uneducated and work menial jobs. Illegals accept benefits offered. Most send money back to their home country. ($69 billion to Mexico alone in 2016.) Their home-country economy sucks, and they don't want to fix it, so they sneak in here, earn what they can, and transfer our national wealth across the border.
3. Legal immigrants are grateful for their new home
Legal immigrants make model citizens who are grateful to finally get to America. They worked hard for the right. After they gain entry, they study our Constitution and actively seek citizenship. They are model Americans and are pleased to have left the old country behind. Illegal immigrants often dislike this country and the people already here. They ask, why should they be hunted since we stole the land from others. They’re just returning the favor in kind. They do not study our way of government. Some actively seek to make our government more like where they came from. 
4. Legal immigrants integrate into American society
Legal immigrants go through the lengthy immigration process to come to American. They were not content where they came from and suffered years of heartache to gain legal entry. Legal immigrants want to be part of our society. Illegal immigrants can’t become Americans, at least not without amnesty. They stay clustered among their own countrymen and neither have the will nor the opportunity to integrate. Many don’t encourage their children to integrate. Illegal immigrants are generally at least a generation behind legal immigrants in assimilating into American society.
5. Legal immigrants are law biding
Legal immigrants respect our laws. They admire our culture so much they took pains to gain legitimate access to it. Illegal immigrants started life in America by breaking our immigration laws. They further broke laws by securing work with forged documents. They have been conditioned to ignore our laws. They believe our laws unjust. Progressives tout studies that show immigrants commit less crimes than natural born citizens. Some of these studies conflate legal and illegal immigrants, but all are based on convictions. The argument for sanctuary is that illegals will trust authority when they no longer fear authority. Nice theory, but not reality. Ask anyone in law enforcement about the difficulty of capturing and convicting an illegal immigrant. Most abscond before cops even arrive. 
6. Legal immigrants are generally centrist or conservative
Here’s the rub. Most illegal immigrants vote for Democrats. Legal immigrates trend to vote for traditional conservative candidates. The most conservative legal immigrants come from Cuba, Eastern Europe, or Christians from Muslim counties. They know government oppression first hand and want nothing to do with it in their new home.
Number 6 is the bottom line. 

The immigration debate is about Democrats taking and holding power.  An old saying, as California goes, so goes the nation. The Democrats piloted their program for mass importation of new Democrat voters in California. Even they must be shocked at the speed of their success. California, like Mexico, now has true one-party rule. They even jiggered the election laws so that in many general elections, voters only have a choice between two Democrats. No wonder they push open borders, amnesty, paths to citizenship, sanction cities/states, and want to get rid of ICE. These non-Americans are their people. Their voters.

Democrats have given up on political policy and have gone for base arithmetic. 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Selfish San Francisco

Water Source for City of San Francisco

San Francisco is a solidly Democrat city. As such, it has no problem telling other people how noble it is. San Francisco also supports denying water to the Central Valley so a tiny fish called the Delta Smelt has a pristine habitat. Except San Francisco gets its drinking water from the other side of the Central Valley. If the O'Shaughnessy Dam below Yosemite was demolished, the Sierra runoff would flow naturally into the Central Valley. San Franciscans ignore their unnatural diversion of Sierra water when they support supposedly green candidates for the state legislature.

To further explain the source of San Francisco water, here is an excerpt from Deluge.

“The TV.” She pointed to a television mounted high on the wall. The sound had been muted, but the agitation of the newscasters was obvious. The chyron read, “O’Shaughnessy Dam collapse harms San Francisco.”  In smaller letters below, it read “Water and power at risk.
Smith grabbed the bottles and said “Come on. Let’s get back.”
When they entered the flat downstairs, Wilson and Ashley were chuckling like a couple of teenagers. Baldwin had the impression that if they hadn’t returned when they did, they might have found the flat locked, with a man’s tie hanging from the door handle.
Smith immediately went to the remote and turned on the television.
The newscaster was saying, “San Francisco receives eighty-five percent of its water from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, which sits behind the O’Shaughnessy Dam. A dam that no longer exists. This dam also produced over seven hundred million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year for the city. The mayor has declared an emergency, and water as of this moment is severely rationed. It appears that for the first time in a century, San Francisco will be forced to pump and filter its water. The question on the minds of nearly three million people in the Bay Area is, how long it will take to replace the water supply for the city? Our sources said months. The irony, of course, is that after over a week of nonstop rain, how can the city be out of fresh water … and potentially short of electricity?”
“Oh, crap,” Smith said. “The Restore Hetch Hetchy activists got their wish. They’ve hated that dam since John Muir fought its construction early in the last century. Now we’ll see how Sierra Club members with a 94123 zip code like rustic living.”
“Don’t fool yourself,” Wilson said. “The rich always live comfortably. It’s the peons who’ll suffer. If need be, the rich will have Perrier home-delivered in quantities large enough to shower whenever they want.”
Ashley pointed at the faucet. “This water comes from the Sierras? That’s hard to believe. Why? The Delta always has water.”
“It’s pure mountain water,” Wilson said. “We’re one of the few major cities in the world that doesn’t filter its tap water. It’s uncontaminated … and delivery is gravity fed. The city moves it from the mountains to that tap without fossil fuels.” She stroked the faucet spout. “Our pristine mountain water is a matter of civic pride.”
“As well as the pee on the sidewalks,” Smith said. “Gravity fed, pure, and one hundred percent organic.”
“Guys, quit squabbling,” Baldwin said, pointing at the television. “The Don Pedro Dam just below Hetch Hetchy also failed. Modesto and outlying areas are in the flood path. People are dying, and you’re worried about showering.”

disaster story, action adventure
Storms, politics, and gangs pummel California but that isn't the scary part.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Do Coastal People Really Feel Superior?

Me and my impolite friend

Many people in fly-over country believe that the people who live on the coasts look down on them. Is that correct? Let me tell you a story.

When I was a youth, I surfed the California coast. Obsessively. I lived in a surfing bubble. All my friends were surfers. We dressed like surfers, talked like surfers, and thought like surfers. Outside of school assignments, we read only surfing magazines. When we went to the movies, it was to see a surfing flick personally narrated by the photographer. Everything in my life reinforced everything else in my life. They called it the surfing culture and we were proud to be part of it. Movies, music, and television made the surf culture the envy of the nation. Hell, Tom Wolfe even wrote a story about our lifestyle titled, “The Pump House Gang.”

Pacific Coast Highway, Route 1

The beach-saying at the time was that there was no life east of Pacific Coast Highway. Everything worth having was available in a tiny sliver of land that bordered the Pacific Ocean. Surfing was our entire life, and our spirit would wither if we had to travel more than a few minutes inland. People who lived beyond a bike ride to the beach were not just disadvantaged, they were inferior beings. Delusional beings, with the wrong priorities in life. We called them kooks, gremies, and hodads, and much worse if they ventured into our territory. These people were to be scorned. Ridiculed. And shunned. We didn’t want to pollute our pristine lifestyle with their utter dullness. They were deplorable.

We really believed that garbage.

Now, I live in Omaha. I could not be further from the sea. I discovered that most of what I believed as a youth was wrong. I continue to winter in San Diego and surf daily when I’m there, but I see it as a sport, not some kind of transcendent lifestyle. What happened? I saw the world. I made fascinating friends who pursued all sorts of passions: none water based. As I matured, I developed additional passions of my own. In short, I ventured beyond my youthful biases to discover there was life beyond Highway 1. A good life, at that.

Why is this relevant in today’s frenetic and politized world? Because bias-bubbles are real, and if you never venture out of them, they’ll warp your view of the world. I live in Omaha, but my winter home is in San Diego and I have fractional ownership in an apartment in New York City. I live in the heartland but spend a considerable amount of time on both coasts. The lifestyles and values are different. Clichés often become clichés because they carry an element of truth. People on the coasts do view flyover people as less educated, less intelligent, and less liberal. People in Nebraska view city folk as arrogant and rude; people who tell like to them how to live and think. Nebraskans are more independent and distrustful of government. They would rather depend on their community. Coastal city dwellers depend on government for most of their daily services and see no issue with government assuming more responsibilities. 

Managing discourse is a perfect example of these alternate viewpoints. Nebraskans bristle at government trying to control speech so it doesn't offend anyone. They see it as oppressive. Urbanites live on top of each other and welcome speech-referees. They want communality.

You shouldn’t make generalities about an entire group of people … and I just did. Obviously, these clichés don’t hold for everyone in these regions. In fact, divergent values are not the point of this article. Bias-bubbles are. I used my surfing experience to show how easy it is to develop bigoted opinions. Bias-bubbles can blind you to other perspectives and make you strident and ill-mannered to those who disagree with you.

Here’s another observation. One that progressive won’t like. The interior of the country is far more diverse than you imagine. It’s not as monolithic as coastal cities. Flyover people interact daily with people who think or look different than themselves. City dwellers don’t regularly run into non-progressives, and when they do, they recoil. Proof is how progressive speak in public on the assumption that everyone around them thinks as they do. I’m suggesting, you get out more. Meet people who think differently than you and maybe you’ll think instead of reacting. Don't be like my high school friend above. Be polite. Us mid-westerners will be watching.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Scaredy Pants Want to Rule the World

"Seeking perfection in human affairs is a perfect way to destroy them." Jaron Lanier

We live perfection. Right now. No other humans in all of history can make a similar claim. Look about you. Everything is just as it should be. Even the tiniest change will derail spaceship Earth. The planet is over four billion years old, but now is its moment of perfection. How do I know this to be true? Progressives tell me. Incessantly.
  • They harangue me that the temperature is just right and it is worth trillions to keep it within a range of one half degree. 
  • I am reassured daily that every little species and sub-species is precious and animal diversity is perfectly aligned for all of eternity. 
  • When I wander into the wilderness, I used to adhere to, "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints." Now footprints are offensive, especially the carbon variety. 
  • Every ecosystem is tuned to perfection and cannot be disturbed. 
  • All native cultures are sacrosanct and must be preserved as is, with no pollution from Western Culture. 
  • Food must remain unaltered by man. 
  • If a building gets older than fifty years, slap a brass plaque on it and committees will preserve it for the well-to-do.
  • Apartment rents are perfectly fair and must remain controlled into perpetuity. 
  • Do not even think about eliminating a government department or program because each and every one is desperately needed for eternity. 
  • Zero population growth assumes the Earth has just the right number of people. 
  • Every job is permanentI know this because the left demonizes anyone who has ever issued a pink slip.

The most powerful word in the English language is sustainability, which means everything must go on forever and ever. Exactly as it is. Why do progressives worship the status quo? The simple answer is that they’re control freaks.

In truth, progressives don’t really believe everything is perfect.  They just can’t abide change. Any change. Change is frightening … shake in your boots scary. An educated populous, free speech, social and geographic mobility, and competition cause change. Nasty and unpredictable change. And capitalism is the horror of horrors because it incents massive, continuous change. The uncertainty boggles the mind. Everything must be held in balance or Earth might spin out of control.

The rest of us might ignore these phobic busybodies except for their incessant need to control not just things, but people. People cause change, so uncontrolled people represent a threat. If the public does not submit to the approved theocracy, then the progressive vision might be stifled. That cannot happen, so speech must be policed using political correctness and other more stringent means. Ideas need to be managed, debates closed, and science declared settled. Education must be carefully crafted to discourage deviations from the true orthodoxy. Entertainment and celebrities help carry the message. If progressives can control people, they will achieve stability in their lives and heck, save the planet to boot.

We may wish that they would retreat permanently to their safe space, but that will never happen. Safe spaces are used to discipline apostolates, plan insurgencies, and reinvigorate the psyche. After a respite, they re-enter our disorderly world to get people to think, speak, and behave properly. Progressives believe humans can be as perfect as our environment. They just need direction. Oh, a few less people would help too.

Is it possible for progressives to achieve their utopian goal of a safe and predictable life for all? Of course. The Dark Ages held change in check for centuries. All you need is enough political power to keep everyone in place. The entire planet can be fundamentally transformed into a safe space. Real perfection can be achieved. Our planetary thermostat will be regulated so that melting icecaps, severe weather, terrorism, and sweat will become things of the past. Laws will insure that humans eat only wholesome food prescribed by learned tribunals. Sex will be encouraged for any and all purposes except procreation. Every government bureaucracy will be self-perpetuating with independent funding and with no oversight from spiteful elected officials. People in the hinterlands will be rounded up and stuffed into congested cities in order to more easily regulate their daily lives. The rest of the world will be set off-limit so nature's critters can frolic unmolested.

It will all work perfectly. Progressives are confident because they have deemed themselves the very best specimens of humanity. They are wise, benevolent, and non-offensive. Besides, Native American reservations have given progressives almost two centuries of experience administering controlled safe spaces.

What could possibly go wrong?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Blue Tide

The following article of mine was first published at American Thinker on November 10, 2018. Since the article's publication, Democrats have successfully stolen at least twenty more elections and many on the left are calling the midterm a Blue Wave. A Blue Wave implies Democrats ran a successful campaign and won the vast majority of votes. What happened instead was a blatant and heartless theft of our constitutional form of government. Despite this additional threat, the article's basic premise is still valid.

 November 10, 2018

The midterms and the blue tide

There was a lot of huffing and puffing leading up to this midterm.  In the end, it appears that the nation didn’t experience a Red Wave or a Blue Wave.  Breakwaters held on both sides.
In every campaign, there’s a primary goal and a passel of secondary objectives.  Each party succeeded in winning their Number 1 priority.  For Republicans, retaining the Senate.  For Democrats, winning the House.  Both parties succeeded.  But… Republicans set their sights on a more vital goal.
Control of the House allows Democrats to make trouble.  Lots of trouble to be sure, but Democrats cannot control legislation with only half of Congress and a presidential veto hanging over their heads.  On the other hand, Republicans retain the authority to approve presidential appointments, which allows them to continue rejiggering the judiciary and executive further toward a conservative orientation.  While Democrats can hamper -- but not hamstring -- the executive, Republicans can mold two branches of government.
In the end, Republicans held off the Blue Wave, picked up a few additional Senate seats, held house loses to the historic average, and rid themselves of some troublesome chaff within their own ranks.  All in all, a pretty good midterm for Republicans
Here’s the rub.  Republicans focus on winning elections.  Democrats focus on skewing the process in their favor.  When they gain control of government, they immediately start tilting the table.  This last election demonstrated how successfully they have executed this strategy in the Northeast and West Coast.  Republicans failed to pinprick either of these Democrat bulwarks.
New York appears insurmountable for any Republican and surrounding states are only slightly more competitive.  On the other coast, Californian slipped further toward the left wing of the Democrat Party.  Oregon and Washington are solidly Democratic.  Nevada flipped solidly blue this mid-term.  With a mass migration of Californians to Arizona, that once conservative state has turned purple.  New Mexico and Colorado?  True Blue.
Once Democrats get a grip on the reins of government, they hold on for dear life.  They have ruinously run cities for decades with zero chance of a Republican turnover.  (Only one of the ten largest cities have a Republican mayor.)  This is no accident. It’s called “machine politics” for a reason.
The Democratic goal is clear.  They want uncontested elections.  One-party rule.  Democrats prefer not to have opponents and get testy when they must campaign for reelection.  Without competition, they can elect office holders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and reelect people like Maxine Waters and Bob Menendez.  In California, they have rigged the system so that in the general election, it’s possible that Democrats run against each other.  For example, Dianne Feinstein just won her reelection against Democrat Kevin de León.  Nifty trick, that.
Arguably, Republicans won this election, but Democrats are winning the long game.  The nation wasn’t buried under a Blue Wave, but a Blue Tide is creeping in from both coasts.  Unless Republicans find a way to reverse this tide, it’s only a matter of time before the United States is ruled by a Chicago-style machine.
The first task is to shore up the Red states, especially Texas, Florida, and Arizona.  A prerequisite is immigration control.  Next, encroach on Democratic territory. That will require piles of money and candidates that appeal to voters in those states.  On the surface, the cost may appear high to flip a couple congressional seats, but a toehold can be invaluable.  Republicans must challenge in court the most grievous Democrat election prerogatives.  Republicans should continue to give Democrats every opportunity to expose their true beliefs and hidden agendas.  Lastly, Republicans need better messaging.  Democratic assaults can be spotted from miles away, but Republicans often get caught flatfooted.  Not only don’t they have a counter message at the ready, they forget to repeat it.  Too often they go on a Sunday morning program, lay out a set of talking points, and return home thinking job done.  Democrats repeat their messages ad nauseum because it works.
The 2018 midterms held off a blue onslaught but won no new political ground.  Republicans need to extend their time horizon to win the war.  Democrats win the hearts of their constituents, Republican win their minds.  The big winner will be the party that wins the hearts and minds of Americans.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Who Divided America?

E pluribus unum means “out of many, one.” Who annulled the de facto motto of the United States? Who made the melting pot concept null and void? Somebody changed our culture—big time. Tribalism is now the order of the day. People are sorted into herds. Herded by race, herded by gender, herded by sexual orientation, herded by legal status, herded by age, and on and on.

How the hell did this happen?

Progressives blame Trump. They shout his culpability at the top of their lungs. They’re wrong. The jury’s still out on whether Trump is a symptom, cure, or aggravator of our disunity, but the trend was well in place and picking up speed before he rode down that escalator at Trump Tower.

If not Trump, who changed our American culture. Think of the term identity politics. Who comes to mind. Democrats, of course. Democrats have always used identity politics, but back in the 20th century, they pretty much focused on class distinctions. Nowadays, they’ve sliced and diced us into so many factions that some are below one percent of the population.

Multiculturalism, diversity, racial quotas, and identity politics sort people into tribes, and then political correctness, cultural appropriation, racial activism and safe places keep us from melding into a cohesive unit. When members of a tribe wander off, they are first shunned, and then vilified.

The whole idea is to drive us into identity groups, so they can appeal to us with a special offer. Targeted marketing. Why? Numbers. They did the arithmetic and if they could gather up enough racial groups, they could cobble together a majority. There’s a problem with this strategy. Their calculation of a majority along racial lines was a forecast. It hasn’t happened yet. They need to accelerate the immigration of people who fit their target demographic. Thus, the encouragement of illegal immigration. In the meantime, they define and gather up smaller and smaller special interests. Anyone with a grievance. That’s why you see the incongruity of Islamists and women’s rights groups working together. It makes no sense except for the base arithmetic.

If you rely on identity politics, then you need people to join with their tribe, stay active, and encourage others to join. Democrats need to pick at scabs, anger the base, and appeal to emotions. They’ve been doing this since Gore lost to Bush. Republicans are johnny come lately.

Prior to 2016, Republicans ran on a philosophy of conservatism with a few policy proposals. Absent a charismatic candidate, this abstract platform lost elections. It didn’t connect with ordinary people. Ideas don’t vote, people vote. And Democrats were gathering up the people. Except they got so enamored with their new strategy that they left behind whites. In fact, whites became their requisite bogeyman. In the end, they wouldn’t need them anyway because their models said the population would eventually skew heavily toward racial minorities. All they needed to do was bide their time and hope Republicans remained clueless.

Enter Donald Trump. He didn’t cause the disunity, but he rode it to become the champion for the race abandoned by Democrats.

Does that make Trump racist? Nope. He is so unbiased he’ll call anyone to task. Anyone. He couldn’t care less about race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or sock size. He doesn’t see people through a racial lens. He sees allies and opponents. People who are with him or against him. Political correctness says he should give a pass to members of favored tribes. He doesn’t … which provides opponents with ammunition to call him a racist, a white supremacist, and a Nazi. They get to slam Trump and simultaneously agitate their base. What a deal.

The irony is not that Democrats blame Trump for what they themselves did; the irony is that Trump abandoned the traditional Republican campaign platform, but adopted that same platform once elected. President Trump has remained within bounds of the Constitution, while implementing traditional Republican policies. 

Can he pull the nation together? He wants to, but here’s the rub. As long as Democrats adhere to identity politics, they will viciously attack any attempt at conciliation. Identity politics requires tribalism. 

Democrats caused our disunity and only they can reunite us. It’s in their hands, not Trumps.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

America is too good for progressives

Progressives strive for utopia, but they don’t realize America is already too good for them. 

For nearly a decade, progressives have agitated for civil war. A civil war between themselves and anyone who disagrees with their agenda. To a large extent, this is a cold war with a few hot spots. The primary progressive tools are harassment, bullying, and intimidation. But Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa show that progressives will progress beyond insults. Violence increased with each iteration of progressive street acolytes. Leftists have destroyed property, beat on passersby, and assaulted Republicans with sucker punches and tackles from the rear. They rip up Republican yard signs, threaten canvassers, and deface or fire guns at Republican headquarters. They even shot Republicans at a softball practice.

What’s the goal? Progressives hope to provoke bad behavior on the right. With control of the media, provocateurs on the left can be downplayed while any reaction from the right is blasted as loud as possible from every rooftop. Control of the media means never having to say you’re sorry.

But events are not going to plan. Occupy Wall Street did not incite class warfare, Black Lives Matter did not start a race war, and Antifa did not expose a vast cadre of neo-Nazis lurking in the background. What happened? Why didn’t the plan work? Simple. The left does not understand America. They remain in their bubbles and safe spaces and view Republicans as caricatures. They really believe we’re a bunch of sorry-ass, illiterate boobs who can be easily herded in any direction they want. They don’t know us, and they swallowed the demonization narrative hook, line, and sinker.

That’s why their plan didn't work. Just like their legislation, cities, and campaigns don’t work. Progressives don’t live in the real world. They yearn for utopia … but everything falls short. Constant disappointment makes for a sad life. That’s why they’re so angry. All the time. Somebody is screwing things up and it can’t be them, so it must be us. Progressives say we’re on the wrong side of history. We don't understand that unfathomable forces will define the future, and in the end we’ll find a wonderland filled with kind, caring people who enjoy life in any manner they chose. Most don’t realize this mantra comes straight from Marx.

To make this inevitable future happen, the present system, which they believe is based on selfishness, must be torn down. But despite the high decibel screaming, their numbers are incredibly small. They need us to jump on board and we’re not cooperating. Nor will we. You see, we live in the real world. We’re happy. We don’t need to wipe out this life so we can have another. Despite recent events, we will not rise in revolt. We will not act as a catalyst for additional violence. Instead, we will vote. We will use the finely-honed system that the Founders bequeath us to relegate progressive to the dustbin of history.

November 6th will be a grand day for the Grand ol’ Party.