Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Blue Tide

The following article of mine was first published at American Thinker on November 10, 2018. Since the article's publication, Democrats have successfully stolen at least twenty more elections and many on the left are calling the midterm a Blue Wave. A Blue Wave implies Democrats ran a successful campaign and won the vast majority of votes. What happened instead was a blatant and heartless theft of our constitutional form of government. Despite this additional threat, the article's basic premise is still valid.

 November 10, 2018

The midterms and the blue tide

There was a lot of huffing and puffing leading up to this midterm.  In the end, it appears that the nation didn’t experience a Red Wave or a Blue Wave.  Breakwaters held on both sides.
In every campaign, there’s a primary goal and a passel of secondary objectives.  Each party succeeded in winning their Number 1 priority.  For Republicans, retaining the Senate.  For Democrats, winning the House.  Both parties succeeded.  But… Republicans set their sights on a more vital goal.
Control of the House allows Democrats to make trouble.  Lots of trouble to be sure, but Democrats cannot control legislation with only half of Congress and a presidential veto hanging over their heads.  On the other hand, Republicans retain the authority to approve presidential appointments, which allows them to continue rejiggering the judiciary and executive further toward a conservative orientation.  While Democrats can hamper -- but not hamstring -- the executive, Republicans can mold two branches of government.
In the end, Republicans held off the Blue Wave, picked up a few additional Senate seats, held house loses to the historic average, and rid themselves of some troublesome chaff within their own ranks.  All in all, a pretty good midterm for Republicans
Here’s the rub.  Republicans focus on winning elections.  Democrats focus on skewing the process in their favor.  When they gain control of government, they immediately start tilting the table.  This last election demonstrated how successfully they have executed this strategy in the Northeast and West Coast.  Republicans failed to pinprick either of these Democrat bulwarks.
New York appears insurmountable for any Republican and surrounding states are only slightly more competitive.  On the other coast, Californian slipped further toward the left wing of the Democrat Party.  Oregon and Washington are solidly Democratic.  Nevada flipped solidly blue this mid-term.  With a mass migration of Californians to Arizona, that once conservative state has turned purple.  New Mexico and Colorado?  True Blue.
Once Democrats get a grip on the reins of government, they hold on for dear life.  They have ruinously run cities for decades with zero chance of a Republican turnover.  (Only one of the ten largest cities have a Republican mayor.)  This is no accident. It’s called “machine politics” for a reason.
The Democratic goal is clear.  They want uncontested elections.  One-party rule.  Democrats prefer not to have opponents and get testy when they must campaign for reelection.  Without competition, they can elect office holders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and reelect people like Maxine Waters and Bob Menendez.  In California, they have rigged the system so that in the general election, it’s possible that Democrats run against each other.  For example, Dianne Feinstein just won her reelection against Democrat Kevin de León.  Nifty trick, that.
Arguably, Republicans won this election, but Democrats are winning the long game.  The nation wasn’t buried under a Blue Wave, but a Blue Tide is creeping in from both coasts.  Unless Republicans find a way to reverse this tide, it’s only a matter of time before the United States is ruled by a Chicago-style machine.
The first task is to shore up the Red states, especially Texas, Florida, and Arizona.  A prerequisite is immigration control.  Next, encroach on Democratic territory. That will require piles of money and candidates that appeal to voters in those states.  On the surface, the cost may appear high to flip a couple congressional seats, but a toehold can be invaluable.  Republicans must challenge in court the most grievous Democrat election prerogatives.  Republicans should continue to give Democrats every opportunity to expose their true beliefs and hidden agendas.  Lastly, Republicans need better messaging.  Democratic assaults can be spotted from miles away, but Republicans often get caught flatfooted.  Not only don’t they have a counter message at the ready, they forget to repeat it.  Too often they go on a Sunday morning program, lay out a set of talking points, and return home thinking job done.  Democrats repeat their messages ad nauseum because it works.
The 2018 midterms held off a blue onslaught but won no new political ground.  Republicans need to extend their time horizon to win the war.  Democrats win the hearts of their constituents, Republican win their minds.  The big winner will be the party that wins the hearts and minds of Americans.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Who Divided America?

E pluribus unum means “out of many, one.” Who annulled the de facto motto of the United States? Who made the melting pot concept null and void? Somebody changed our culture—big time. Tribalism is now the order of the day. People are sorted into herds. Herded by race, herded by gender, herded by sexual orientation, herded by legal status, herded by age, and on and on.

How the hell did this happen?

Progressives blame Trump. They shout his culpability at the top of their lungs. They’re wrong. The jury’s still out on whether Trump is a symptom, cure, or aggravator of our disunity, but the trend was well in place and picking up speed before he rode down that escalator at Trump Tower.

If not Trump, who changed our American culture. Think of the term identity politics. Who comes to mind. Democrats, of course. Democrats have always used identity politics, but back in the 20th century, they pretty much focused on class distinctions. Nowadays, they’ve sliced and diced us into so many factions that some are below one percent of the population.

Multiculturalism, diversity, racial quotas, and identity politics sort people into tribes, and then political correctness, cultural appropriation, racial activism and safe places keep us from melding into a cohesive unit. When members of a tribe wander off, they are first shunned, and then vilified.

The whole idea is to drive us into identity groups, so they can appeal to us with a special offer. Targeted marketing. Why? Numbers. They did the arithmetic and if they could gather up enough racial groups, they could cobble together a majority. There’s a problem with this strategy. Their calculation of a majority along racial lines was a forecast. It hasn’t happened yet. They need to accelerate the immigration of people who fit their target demographic. Thus, the encouragement of illegal immigration. In the meantime, they define and gather up smaller and smaller special interests. Anyone with a grievance. That’s why you see the incongruity of Islamists and women’s rights groups working together. It makes no sense except for the arithmetic.

If you rely on identity politics, then you need people to join with their tribe, stay active, and encourage others to join. Democrats need to pick at scabs, anger the base, and appeal to emotions. They’ve been doing this since Gore lost to Bush. Republicans are johnny come lately.

Prior to 2016, Republicans ran on a philosophy of conservatism with a few policy proposals. Absent a charismatic candidate, this abstract platform lost elections. It didn’t connect with ordinary people. Ideas don’t vote, people vote. And Democrats were gathering up the people. Except they got so enamored with their new strategy that they left behind whites. In fact, whites became their requisite bogeyman. In the end, they wouldn’t need them anyway because their models said the population would eventually skew heavily toward racial minorities. All they needed to do was bide their time and hope Republicans remained clueless.

Enter Donald Trump. He didn’t cause the disunity, but he rode it to become the champion for the race abandoned by Democrats.

Does that make Trump racist? Nope. He is so unbiased he’ll call anyone to task. Anyone. He couldn’t care less about race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or sock size. He doesn’t see people through a racial lens. He sees allies and opponents. People who are with him or against him. Political correctness says he should give a pass to members of favored tribes. He doesn’t … which provides opponents with ammunition to call him a racist, a white supremacist, and a Nazi. They get to slam Trump and simultaneously agitate their base. What a deal.

The irony is not that Democrats blame Trump for what they themselves did; the irony is that Trump abandoned the traditional Republican campaign platform, but adopted that same platform once elected. President Trump has remained within bounds of the Constitution, while implementing traditional Republican policies. (Except for immigration agendas that hamper Americans getting a well-paying job.)

Can he pull the nation together? He wants to, but here’s the rub. As long as Democrats adhere to identity politics, they will viciously attack any attempt at conciliation. Identity politics requires tribalism. 

Democrats caused our disunity and only can reunite us. It’s in their hands, not Trumps.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

America is too good for progressives

Progressives strive for utopia, but they don’t realize America is already too good for them. 

For nearly a decade, progressives have agitated for civil war. A civil war between themselves and anyone who disagrees with their agenda. To a large extent, this is a cold war with a few hot spots. The primary progressive tools are harassment, bullying, and intimidation. But Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa show that progressives will progress beyond insults. Violence increased with each iteration of progressive street acolytes. Leftists have destroyed property, beat on passersby, and assaulted Republicans with sucker punches and tackles from the rear. They rip up Republican yard signs, threaten canvassers, and deface or fire guns at Republican headquarters. They even shot Republicans at a softball practice.

What’s the goal? Progressives hope to provoke bad behavior on the right. With control of the media, provocateurs on the left can be downplayed while any reaction from the right is blasted as loud as possible from every rooftop. Control of the media means never having to say you’re sorry.

But events are not going to plan. Occupy Wall Street did not incite class warfare, Black Lives Matter did not start a race war, and Antifa did not expose a vast cadre of neo-Nazis lurking in the background. What happened? Why didn’t the plan work? Simple. The left does not understand America. They remain in their bubbles and safe spaces and view Republicans as caricatures. They really believe we’re a bunch of sorry-ass, illiterate boobs who can be easily herded in any direction they want. They don’t know us, and they swallowed the demonization narrative hook, line, and sinker.

That’s why their plan didn't work. Just like their legislation, cities, and campaigns don’t work. Progressives don’t live in the real world. They yearn for utopia … but everything falls short. Constant disappointment makes for a sad life. That’s why they’re so angry. All the time. Somebody is screwing things up and it can’t be them, so it must be us. Progressives say we’re on the wrong side of history. We don't understand that unfathomable forces will define the future, and in the end we’ll find a wonderland filled with kind, caring people who enjoy life in any manner they chose. Most don’t realize this mantra comes straight from Marx.

To make this inevitable future happen, the present system, which they believe is based on selfishness, must be torn down. But despite the high decibel screaming, their numbers are incredibly small. They need us to jump on board and we’re not cooperating. Nor will we. You see, we live in the real world. We’re happy. We don’t need to wipe out this life so we can have another. Despite recent events, we will not rise in revolt. We will not act as a catalyst for additional violence. Instead, we will vote. We will use the finely-honed system that the Founders bequeath us to relegate progressive to the dustbin of history.

November 6th will be a grand day for the Grand ol’ Party.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Kavanaugh Has Been Confirmed, Now What?

With Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Republicans will be tempted to kiss and make up with Democrats. They shouldn’t. The nature of Republicans is to govern. The nature of Democrats is to wield power. Reaching across the aisle works great for Democrats but is futile for Republicans.

Nothing illuminates Democrat duplicity more than a Supreme Court confirmation. When will republicans learn? Democrats believe they own the Supreme Court and will not tolerate a majority of conservative justices. When all substantive arguments fail, Democrats infallibly turn to character assassination. 

Look at Bork, Thomas, and Kavanaugh.

In 1987, Reagan nominated Robert Bork. Edward Kennedy declared on floor of the Senate that if Bork sat on the court, women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, police could break down citizens' doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught science, writers and artists would be censored, and the doors of the Federal courts would be slammed on the fingers of millions of Americans. How’s that for demonization.

In 1991, George H.W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas for a seat on the Supreme Court. Anita Hill came forward at the last moment with allegations of sexual harassment. Hill claimed that Thomas made salacious comments, but she never accused him of assault. Still, her incongruous testimony nearly derailed his confirmation. Today she’s a hero of the left and progressives still refer to Thomas as a sexual predator. What is seldom mentioned is that a Gallup poll after their testimonies showed 58% of Americans supported confirmation and only 30% opposed confirmation. In the moment, people believed Clarence Thomas.

Now, in 2018, we have another conservative nominee in Brett Kavanaugh. Last minute accusations went from shady to ludicrous to a nonsensical story about him throwing ice at a man in a bar. Investigators didn’t find a single person to collaborate any allegation. That didn’t stop Democrats. They used the sheer volume and speed of assertions to cloak the absence of evidence.

With each Borking, Democrat attacks became increasingly appalling … and shoddier. 

Democrats play dirty and never relent. Calls to honor and Senate protocols do nothing to thwart these brazen muggings. It’s time for Republicans to try a different approach.

The only way to curtail unethical and immoral behavior is to punish the complicit. Democrats would love to see Republicans go after the accusers, but a better strategy would be to seek discipline for the people behind these unscrupulous attacks. If Dianne Feinstein leaked Ford’s letter or inappropriately communicated with her lawyers, then she should face censure in the Senate. Ford’s attorneys should be discipline by the bar for not communicating vital information to their client. (If they actually did disclose everything to their client, to defend themselves they would need to expose her perjury.) If there was any justice in this nation, Avenatti would be disbarred. Former FBI agent Monica McLean should be investigated for witness tampering. As these people are investigated, other villains will pop up like whack-a-mole. Each should be pursued.

The goal is not to seek revenge by punishing wrongdoers, but to discourage this type of behavior in the future. Of course, the greatest deterrent would be for Democrat candidates to suffer a shellacking on November 6th.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Recipe for Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s wispy accusations against Judge Kavanaugh require Americans to suspend rational thought. She remembers everything that condemns Kavanaugh but can’t recall details that would have value in an investigation. Why the selective memory? The only facts she provides are the names of four people at the supposed party, all of whom have in writing refused to corroborate her story.  These facts have weakened her case, not strengthened it. Other facts might likewise have diminished her allegations. Dr. Ford could have identified the date and location, but both were risky. Judge Kavanaugh might have been able to show he was otherwise occupied on a specific date or the homeowner could deny knowledge of the teens or testify they were home during the timeframe. On the surface, it appears suspicious that omitted details could have facilitated an investigation.

The structure of the accusation also seems suspicious. An episode of teen groping is not a crime and most teen unconsummated sexual assaults are a misdemeanor. In Maryland, only sexual felonies have no statute of limitations. The hand over the mouth and Ford’s claim that she felt Kavanaugh might accidentally kill her elevates the alleged incident to the level of a felony. The complaint appears suspiciously lawyerly.

Now a new allegation has surfaced. Again, no one corroborates Deborah Ramirez story. Odd, because the incident supposedly occurred in a crowded dorm room with someone shouting out into the hall Bret Kavanaugh’s full name. Someone surely must have seen or heard it.

Both accusers are progressive activists represented by a horde of leftist attorneys. How many more are in the wings? Only Democrat strategists know, but we can surmise that they led with strength. Now they’ll go with numbers. It’s gonna get flakier and flakier.

How can these accusations be taken seriously? Kavanaugh has adamantly denied them all. He has a blemish-free reputation, with character witnesses from countless women who have worked or socialized with him.  It doesn’t make sense.

Unless you understand the progressive arsenal. Their first weapon is unity. If anyone strays from the pack, they are excommunicated from family, friends, gainful employment, and positions of influence. Strategists develop talking points that all must recite with the regularity of Muslim prayer. Except unlike prayer, progressives scream, rather than intone their incantations. They also appear enraged and indignant. Democrat leadership sets the example by throwing out ridiculous narratives with the sincerity of Eddie Haskell. The intent is to bully convince through emotion rather than logic. That’s why their talking points seem so careless with facts and reason. Only emotion matters. Feelings rule.

Combine rock-solid unity with control of the mainstream media, social media, Hollywood, academia, et al., you have a bullhorn so loud and so shrill that the collective noise shatters glass … and Republican politicians. 

A loud clamor surrounds us everywhere we go and pierces our psyche like a red-hot poker. Instead of examining the message, we assume that there must be something there. Something. What they say doesn’t sound plausible. It defies common sense. In many cases, it’s bizarro world, upside down and backward. And yet … there must be something. Everywhere we look, we see the same thing. Like looking at the countless mirrors in a funhouse. And smoke. There’s smoke. Lots of smoke. There’s gotta be fire around here someplace.

And that’s the recipe for making a mountain out of a molehill.

Smoke and mirrors.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Death Throes of a Political Party

We are witnessing a historic turning point. Future eras will study the final months of 2018 as the metamorphosis of a nation. Metamorphosis into what? We’re in the middle of the transformation so that remains undetermined. Current events may take their place in history alongside the fall of Rome, the demise of British hegemony, and the collapse of the Russian empire. Or … we may experience a cultural and political rebirth on the scale of the Renaissance.

The current political conflict is a war of ideas and ideals. The next election is the pivot point. Whichever way it goes, it’s likely one of the two big American political parties will die. Another political entity will surely replace it, but it may take years for it to emerge from the rubble.

In one corner of this fight we have Democrats, a cobbled together army committed to win at all costs. Literally, all costs. Nothing is beneath them. The Democrat motto is attack, attack, attack. Substance-free arguments drive a relentless onslaught that ruin people’s lives and takes no prisoners. Emotion fuels the assault, so only the strongest emotions may apply. Anger, spite, envy, resentment and pure hatred are called to the surface at every turn. Rules are applicable to enemies only, consistency inconsequential, duplicity de rigueur, and principles malleable to the moment. Unity is paramount. Desertions are not allowed. They know they’re in a war and they need to utterly destroy their enemies. They will win. They must win.

In the other corner we have Republicans, a dysfunctional family trying to get along with their neighbors. The Republican motto is to survive for the next battle. Run away if need be. Tomorrow is another day. Republicans build their protective fortifications with logic and facts. Rules are paramount, laws sacrosanct, and the Constitution the supreme law of the land. Republicans attribute good intentions to Democrats. They believe we’re all one great country with varying opinions on how to achieve common goals. Republicans tolerate disunity and pardon deserters. Questioning their virtue always results in timid retreat. Republicans crave the accoutrements of power, but only in an orderly world. Chaos throws them off balance. To a great extent, they don’t even know a war is in progress. They want to win, but in truth, losing’s not all that bad.

Strategically, Republicans fight to win the next election, Democrats fight to control the process. If Republicans win office, they blithely issue orders, unaware that no one carries them out. Democrats take command of political, cultural, and social processes so when they lose, they remain in power.

Standing between these two combatants is The Great Disruptor, President Donald Trump. Trump is a Republican schooled in Democrat battle plans. Democrats and traditional Republicans despise him. Democrats hate Trump because he knows their shtick and goes them one better. Traditional Republicans can’t abide him because he brings disorder to their world and demands that they fight.

Trump can be gross and crude, but normally with a purpose. In their fight to destroy him, Democrats have sunk well below his level of indecency. Who would have guessed that Donald Trump would become the classiest politician in D.C. The president scratched the thin veneer of civility off democrats. Then he pushed them into a corner. A cornered beast is dangerous, and Democrats are striking out with the most vile weapons in their arsenal.

Who will win?

At this point, it’s up in the air. If Democrats succeed in stopping the Kavanaugh confirmation, the Republicans will die on November 6, 2018. If they can’t win against spurious, nonsensical attacks, why vote Republican. Abandonment of the Republican Party will make a stampede look tepid.

If Democrats fail to break Kavanaugh into tiny pieces, they will lose their only hope to drown out the declassification exposé. Only by winning the confirmation battle can Democrats justify tarnishing their reputation. It will become embarrassing and unfashionable to be branded a Democrat. They’ll be toast and #walkaway will become a real thing.

This is an epic battle … to the finish.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Tucker Carlson asks what does “diversity is our strength" mean. Revealing answers.

Last Friday, Tucker Carlson asked a relatively simple question. He wanted to know what was meant by the phrase “diversity is our strength." The query shattered the already tenuous nerves of progressives. The Reformation didn’t cause as much angst. On Sunday, Carlson’s tweet condensed the television segment down to the requisite 280 characters.

Noah Smith of Bloomberg News claimed the question "was not asked in good faith, but for purposes of racist demagoguery.”

This confirms non-progressives' suspicion that to the left, “diversity” is racial, otherwise asking the question could never be construed as racist.

Yet, there were thoughtful answers. A few anyway. These reasoned responses claimed that diversity makes us stronger because creativity and fresh ideas are often ignited by people who hold divergent perspectives. Non-progressive can readily agree with that statement. However, and this is a big however, non-progressives don't believe race determines an individual's point of view. Skin color does not affect the way the brain functions. Culture does. Upbringing does. Education does. Experience does. But skin color does not. Each individual, regardless of race has the freedom to think any way they want and also possesses a right to express those thoughts out loud. 

If diversity of opinion is what diversity means, then the problem is not with the theology, but with the implementation. Progressives tout diversity but shut out opposing viewpoints. They assume group-think by race and expel heretics from their own ethnicity. Some progressives will yell (they always debate at high decibel) that this is not true, yet the evidence is all around us.

Google expressed shock that 29% of Latinos voted for Trump. Candace Owens, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, and every other conservative black has been excommunicated from the supposed in-crowd cocktail circuit. Social media—the gatekeepers of progressive dogma—strive to purge divergent thought. A recent Stanford University study discovered that conservative and libertarian law professors are underrepresented in premier law schools. Yale's incoming freshmen as measured by race and sexual orientation have been hyped as "the most diverse in University history," but only eleven percent identify as conservative or very conservative. The press release itself shows that progressives believe skin color, not ideas, is the magic elixir.

Progressives believe that if they can mix a proper formula of races, then everything will be hunky-dory. They claim to want diversity ... but they engineer conformity.

Diversity of opinion is strength, but conformity will take us back to the Dark Ages.